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Schedule a free consultation below to get a Bookkeeper to help you maintain your books. We handle your bookkeeping for you remotely while you take care of your business.

Winston-Salem Bookkeeping Expert You Can Count On
Need bookkeeping service? Schedule a free consultation below

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You need Bookkeeping Service Because Your Not a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are needed to keep the charge of maintaining your books closely day in and day out. Bookkeepers generally do all data entry into accounting ledgers or software.

Galloway Tax Express helps you with basic bookkeeping that is going to be outsourced.

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Small Business Bookkeeping Fees & Packages

Each entity type has its own due date as specified below.



$225 Monthly

up to 50 transactions

Mama Bear

$375 Monthly

Up to 125 transactions


Papa Bear

$450 Monthly

Up to 200 transactions

Grandpa Bear

$525 Monthly

Up to 275 transactions

Black Bear

$675 Monthly

Up to 350 transactions

Polar Bear

$750 + $.60 per additional transaction

Transactions above 350

Exclusive Bear

One-Time Quickbooks Bookkeeping Cleanup

No On-going Monthly Maintenance

$1650 (1-2 years in existing businesses) only

up to 12 months

$1100 for 6 months

$600 Quarterly

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