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Why Do You Need Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeepers are needed to keep charge of maintaining your books closely day in and day out. Bookkeepers generally do all data entry into accounting ledgers or software.


Galloway Tax Express help you with basic bookkeeping that is going to be outsourced. Most business owners do not understand bookkeeping, therefore, next a bookkeeping expert to take care of their books. Whether you have a building or work from home, you can outsource bookkeeping for your business with Galloway Tax Express with our Bookkeeping services for small business.  


As a business owner, your different hats may not fit so well at times when it comes down to bookkeeping. Many business owners find themselves struggling with their bookkeeping responsibilities. They either don’t have the time, or the knowledge, or just don't like it.


The most cost-efficient option for bookkeeping services for small business owners is hiring a third-party bookkeeping company to outsource bookkeeping. There is a number of key advantages to outsourcing your bookkeeping, including lesser costs and greater value.


The biggest advantage of outsourcing your bookkeeping is the cost compared to between $300 to $2,000 per month depending on the complexity of work required.

Using outside bookkeeping services for small business to handle your bookkeeping is like hiring an in-house bookkeeper to handle basic bookkeeping responsibilities without the overhead cost.


Our services are customized to your specific needs and can include any or all of the following, and more:

  • W2 and 1099 service

  • Quickbooks Setup

  • Quickbooks Bookkeeping

  • Secure data exchange


If you have been considering hiring a bookkeeper, let Galloway Tax Express show you how our custom, outsourced small business bookkeeping services offer a better way. Schedule an appointment to start up a conversation.

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Galloway Tax Express offers small and mid-sized businesses overall basic bookkeeping through QuickBooks bookkeeping. When you use GTE for your bookkeeping we can setup, support, track sales and expenses and you can create invoices and provide ongoing maintenance. This allows us to offer valuable tools to help you save time and money.


Galloway Tax Express can customize Quickbooks to your particular business needs as well as make changes as time goes on. It does not matter where you are located we provide online bookkeeping services for small business in every state.


The advantage of using QuickBooks Services implemented by our Winston-Salem small business bookkeeping service is that it is designed with your specific business in mind. We take a consultative approach, diving deep into what makes your company unique and how it does its business and then creating the system to work within your operation. We will look at every nuance of your business, from the everyday tasks to the long-term financial objectives and then set up a personalized QuickBooks system that is customized to fit your needs.


If you would like more information on how our knowledge and experience can help your business grow, save on taxes and build a secure future, contact our office today. We will tell you how QuickBooks services can help you.


We provide:

  • QuickBooks Setup that can save you hours of trying to figure out the initial installation for yourself.

  • QuickBooks Cleanup is a service that we provide whenever you need help with organization areas. Whether you are getting ready for tax time, going through a financial review or have encountered some other kind of challenge, our Cleanup will clear up your books in the areas needed.

  • Quickbooks Maintenance providing monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly service.


If you'd like to know more information about our Winston-Salem and Nationwide QuickBooks bookkeeping services, please contact us


Whether you are a start-up business, a growing business or a mature corporation, Winston-Salem based Galloway Tax Express has the expertise to help you.  


Through prompt and timely service, along with an intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations, we can keep you ahead of government deadlines, maintain order in your internal financial systems, and reduce the headaches that come with owning a business.


We can handle it all, from your payroll needs to banking and check writing.  If you’re having issues preparing your financial statements, we can tackle them for you.  You name it…we can do it!


Why hire staff?  

Let Galloway Tax Express do your monthly basic bookkeeping at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Our talented team is experienced with all the major accounting software programs.  We perform vital accounting functions, such as accounts payable/receivable, payroll, general ledger accounting, bank reconciliations, financial statement preparation and financial analysis.


When you retain our services, we make it a priority to learn your goals and operations quickly so we can hit the ground running.  Based on experience, we can easily identify opportunities for more effective tax planning, improved internal controls, and other areas that will make your business more profitable.

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= No Hiring In House

= High Transaction Processing

= High Accuracy

= More Secured

= No Paperwork

= Avoid Errors

= Less Time-consuming process

Small Business Bookkeeping Fees

Each entity type has its own due date as specified below.


Basic Quickbooks Bookkeeping

$225 Monthly

$425 Bi-Monthly

$610 Quarterly

up to 25 transactions

Pro Quickbooks Bookkeeping

$375 Monthly

$725 Bi-Monthly

$950 Quarterly

Up to 100


Executive Quickbooks Bookkeeping

$450 Monthly

$875 Bi-Monthly

$1150 Quarterly

Up to 175

Premium Quickbooks Bookkeeping

$525 Monthly

$1025 Bi-Monthly

$1250 Quarterly

Up to 250

Exclusive Quickbooks Bookkeeping

$675 Monthly

$1325 Bi-Monthly

$1650 Quarterly

Up to 325

Quickbooks Bookkeeping

Transactions above 325

Schedule A Free Consultation

One-Time Quickbooks Bookkeeping Cleanup

No On-going Monthly Maintenance

$600 New Businesses only (1-2 years in business) only