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IRS 990 Filing Webinar



Welcome, Nonprofit Friends!

Are you part of a nonprofit and finding tax forms a bit puzzling? Don't worry, Galloway Tax Express (GTE) is here to help!


Understanding Form 990

Form 990 is like a special report card for nonprofits. It helps the IRS and others see what your organization is up to. It's essential to fill it out accurately and on time.


Organization Responsibilities

Learn about what your nonprofit needs to do to stay on the right track with the IRS. We'll guide you on your filing requirements and how to keep your nonprofit tax-exempt status safe and sound.


Tell Your Nonprofit's Story

Your nonprofit has a unique tale to tell, and Form 990 helps share this story. We'll teach you how to present accurate information that showcases your mission and accomplishments.



Join Our Webinars

Mark your calendars for our webinars happening

Every 1st Wednesday

From October 2023 to February 2024.

Join us to make tax time a breeze!


Register for Webinars

Let's make understanding taxes fun and easy! Together, we'll keep your nonprofit in compliance with the IRS. See you at the webinars!

Your Nonprofit Tax Specialist

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