Annual 501c3 charitable organization IRS Form 990 is an annual requirement of the nonprofit tax status. Depending on your organizations' financial activity during the year, most nonprofit tax exempt 501c3 organizations are required to file an IRS tax exempt organization's tax returns annual form 990. Basically, if your organization's finances change, the organization's IRS form 990 filing requirements will change as well for your 501c3 tax filing.


As of 2021, all 501c3 charitable organizations are required to use a tax professional to e-file its' organization's annual IRS Form 990 unless it's revenues are $50,000 and under.

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The filing of IRS Form 990 series 501c3 charitable organization tax filing includes Form 990, Form 990EZ, 990PF, and the 990N is complicated. The complication of the accounting and nonprofit tax preparation requirements makes it easy to make mistakes that could cost a nonprofit organization valuable time and money.

We take on the burden of your filing any mistakes on your Form 990, bring you relief and confidence in your nonprofits annual filing requirements.

An Additional Note:

Some states such as North Carolina as of 2021 are requiring financial reporting during the annual reporting period. When filing the annual reporting in these states all nonprofits are required to have the financial report notarized.

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We know you are tired of trying to figure out how to file an accurate Form 990? We relieve the stress you have trying to figure your way through all the pages of Form 990 with our nonprofit tax services. Look no more, we take your burden.


Our team is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable Form 990 nonprofit tax preparation services for nonprofits. We make it easy when you file with us. We prepare and e-file your Form 990, 990 EZ, 990 N organizations tax returns so you don't have to take up the complexities of the 501c3 IRS Form 990 tax return filing. Your question is, does a nonprofit organization file tax? Yes! Keep in mind that an annual tax exempt organization tax return needs to be filed every year. 

We make it easy for you to run your nonprofit as normal during tax season taking hours off your hands while we take care of your Form 990 requirements with the IRS. It's simple. Contact us, we prepare your organizations' information Form 990 tax return and file it. Simple!

At Galloway Tax Express make sure your Form 990 tax filing deadline does not get missed. We walk you through who must file a Form 990 tax exemption organization tax return. We provide you with the Form 990 tax filing you need as your nonprofit tax preparer, taking the burden off your organizations' officials' hands by meeting the nonprofit tax filing deadline for IRS Form 990 , 990 n or 990 ez so you can continue to concentrate on the organization's mission.

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= Fast Processing

= High Accuracy

= More Secured Transition

= No Paperwork

= Avoid Errors

= Less Time-consuming process

= Less Waiting Time

Don't jeopardize your organization's nonprofit tax exempt status by not filing your nonprofit tax return Form 990.  We are part of the National Association of Tax Professionals prepared to provide you with nonprofit tax services and file your IRS 990 Form series:

IRS Form 990

  • Gross receipts $200,000 or more or Total assets $500,000 or more

  • A sponsoring organization

  • A controlling organization

  • Operates hospital facility

  • Health insurance issuer

  • Central or parent organization

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IRS Form 990-N

Gross receipts $50,000 or less than

IRS Form 990-EZ

Gross receipts less than $200,000 and total assets less than $500,000

IRS Form 990

Gross receipts over $200,000 and over $500,000

IRS Form 990-PF

                     Every private foundation must file Form 990-PF annually, regardless of its revenues or assets

Unfortunately, we do not support Form 990-T

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IRS Form 990 Series

If you did not know, an organization must file this tax exempt organization tax return with the IRS as an annual exempt organization return. These forms are required to be filed by the 15th day of the 5th month after the accounting period ends. If a 501c3 nonprofit tax exempt organization does not file a Form 990 tax return and e-filed on time in three (3) years in a row, the nonprofit will lose its nonprofit tax exempt status. Even with receipts under $50,000 Form 990EZ or 990N must be filed.

Please do not miss the 501c3 filing deadline in 2022! Remember the consequences for not filing are steep, we are here for you as your nonprofit tax preparer for your nonprofit tax services. In fact, penalties for not filing timely can be as much as $100 per day with a maximum penalty of $51,000.

We are here to assist you with your nonprofit IRS Form 990, 990N, or 990EZ tax return filing. As a NonProfit Organization tax return preparer, we make your nonprofit tax returns 990 filings simple for you providing online remote 501c3 tax preparation and filing online. Save your nonprofit tax-exempt status today and call or make an appointment to prepare your IRS Form 990 tax exempt organization tax return.

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Nonprofit Charity Referral Fundraiser Program

Galloway Tax Express partners with 501c3 nonprofit organizations with its tax exempt organizations tax returns nationwide. At Galloway Tax Express we provide an opportunity for nonprofits to raise funds when they refer new nonprofit tax exempt customers to us for their tax preparation.

How It Works

  • Nonprofits that register in our Nonprofit Referral Program will receive $20 for each paid referred nonprofit client

  • Unlimited referrals and amount raised

  • No cost for an organization to participate

  • Nonprofit Referral Program runs annually from January 1 - April 30 every year

  • To participate, organization's must be classified as: 

    • 501(c)(3-23)

    • 501(k-q)

    • 509(a)(1)

    • 509(c)(2-4)

  • The organization referred must be a 501(c)3

Checks are issued monthly to referring 501c3 tax exempt organizations

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Youth Achieving Moral Maturity (YAMM) Nonprofit Support


We support the mission of YAMM (Youth Achieving Moral Maturity). We invite you to learn more about YAMM and support their mission as well.  Your support will help them provide youth-led community projects, tutoring, cultural arts and music, art, entrepreneur and job readiness skills, community services, and much more.