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Navigating Form 990 Made Easy: Solutions for Nonprofits

Updated: Mar 12

Live Nonprofit Webinar

Are you part of a nonprofit organization, striving to fulfill a meaningful mission but finding the tax-filing process complex? You're not alone. Navigating the lines of Form 990 can be a hassling task, especially for small nonprofits with limited resources and expertise.

At Galloway Tax Express, LLC (GTE), we understand the common challenges nonprofits face when preparing and filing Form 990. We're here to guide you through this journey, offering simplified solutions that lower the burden and allow you to focus on what truly matters - your mission.

Navigating Form 990 Common Pain Points and Our Solutions


Our team at GTE has carefully crafted user-friendly guides and workshops to simplify the Form 990 process. We believe in making tax reporting accessible and understandable for all nonprofits.


With our streamlined Form 990 preparation and filing, completing Form 990 becomes efficient, saving your precious time that could be better spent furthering your cause.

Public Disclosure

Trust our thorough review process to ensure accurate and transparent financial reporting, minimizing any potential negative impact from public disclosure.

Risk of Penalties

We offer a sense of relief with accuracy and timely submission, so you can file confidently, without the fear of penalties.

Navigating Form 990 Uncommon Pain Points Addressed

Dealing with changes in tax laws, reporting unrelated business income, understanding donor reporting, understanding complex instructions, and overcoming technical hurdles can be confusing. We've got you covered. GTE provides tailored assistance and resources to address these specific concerns.

Galloway Tax Express is more than just a tax service; we're your partners in success. Join our Nonprofit Tax Form 990 Webinar to gain expert insights and strategies for seamless Form 990 filing. Let's work together to tell your nonprofit's story accurately and effortlessly.

Ready to simplify Form 990 and elevate your nonprofit's financial reporting? **Register for our Nonprofit Tax Form 990 Webinar and take the first step towards stress-free tax reporting.

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