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We are here to help you with your nonprofit tax Form 990.

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Galloway Tax Express is all in to support your nonprofit organization get through the hard times during tax filing time with Form 990 and business owners.




Our Non profit Tax Preparation & Business Services

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Non profit Tax Preparation

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Self Employed Tax Returns & Filling for
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Notary Public I-9 Authorized Representative Services

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Let us help you relieve the stress of filing correctly on your Form1099 & W2 Filing

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About Us

Why Should You Do Business with Galloway Tax Express
Galloway Tax Express is a non profit tax preparation service. We specialize in nonprofit tax services as a non profit tax preparation company in North Carolina. Nonprofit organizers get overwhelmed and frustrated by the IRS Form 990 EZ that must be completed during each hectic tax season!

We make your IRS Form 990, 990 EZ and 990 Postcard tax return preparation and electronic filing easy for you. It is our business to completely give, make simpler, and use different nonprofit tax preparation laws that allow us to provide compliant IRS Form 990 EZ electronic filings that our nonprofit organization clients expect and deserve.

We make sure your nonprofit tax return IRS Form 990 EZ tells your nonprofit organization's story to all your donors and potential donors to get the support your nonprofit needs to keep striving to fulfill your organization's mission.

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