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About Galloway Tax Express

Galloway Tax Express (GTE) is a 27-year Winston-Salem, North Carolina based company owned by a highly experienced nonprofit tax professional. GTE opened serving low-income families with children, expanding to small businesses throughout the United States later offering considerable experience delivering client-based individual tax solutions in business and individual tax planning and preparation.


Our professionals have twenty-seven years of experience consulting companies, organizations, and individuals implementing our recommended and customer desired tax solutions. Today GTE through its alliances attain goals and objectives that one company cannot achieve alone. These are based on a win-win mindset, mutual trust, commitment, and rewards to benefit customers directly.

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We exist to provide nonprofit tax preparation and filing relief to overwhelmed nonprofit organization administrators and startup business owners by lessening their burden of difficult tax filing and business setup.


We vision nonprofit organizations and businesses succeeding through the inspiration of enthusiasm and commitment with our custom solutions based on tailored nonprofit organizations and business requirements.

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For the love of numbers as a hobby in 1994, The owner started preparing tax returns at home for family and friends. In the first year in Corporate America as a tax professional, the owner learned most taxpayers did not understand the complexity of income taxes, therefore, wanted to assist taxpayers in understanding taxation and opened Galloway Tax Express. The company opened to the public serving as a reliable, affordable, and very family-friendly tax service. Furthermore, dedicated to providing quality knowledge-based tax services and educating taxpayers. This included what was occurring with their personal and/or business tax situation and getting them an achievable planned tax goal that resulted in receiving a better tax return result than their norm and a lower tax liability.

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Today, Galloway Tax Express operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization’s tax resource for information returns required by the IRS and an operational resource for startup businesses.

After becoming the founder of a nonprofit and professionally educated, the owner realized from experience and networking that nonprofit presidents and administrators had no understanding of how to properly prepare their organizations’ annual IRS Information Returns, resulting in deep consequences for the organizations. After becoming educated, preparing, and filing 501(c)(3) nonprofit information returns, subsequently rebranding, the company now specializes in IRS 990-series Information Returns, ensuring 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations’ information returns are compliant with the IRS, overall to avoid revocation of nonprofit tax-exempt status for failure to file an information return. Now the company conveys to nonprofits, “Your organization is getting ready to lose its tax-exempt status” if you have not filed your Form 990. Ask why!

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