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Youth Achieving Moral Maturity

Nonprofit offering youth programs and community service opportunities - serving Winston-Salem, NC. They exist to build moral standards guidance and leadership skills in youth. ​YAMM visions underserved youth and families building resiliency through teamwork, critical thinking, and self-confidence to achieve self-sufficiency.

How are they different from other youth nonprofits?

In establishing YAMM, the first people thought about was the parents. YAMM could not accomplish its mission without the assistance of parents, however, make it easier for parents. Parents work and are not able to get their youth where they need to be for most programs. There are a lot of tardies and absences due to parents not being able to get off work to get the youth to a program's destination. Therefore, YAMM made it their mission to make sure youth do not have to depend on being transported by parents.

YAMM operates as a mobile youth program, delivering their programs community-wide to illuminate transportation issues before they started their programs for youth in need. They made it possible for parents and for youth to stay safe in their neighborhood and get the help they needed from the programs offered in their community.

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GTE is a great supporter of YAMM. We believe in its mission and value in assisting underserved youth and families. Help us support their mission by making a donation through our us.


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YAMM youth services and programs include:

  • PreneurMe - entrepreneurship, money management, supply management

  • Model ART - skill streaming, anger management, moral reasoning




  • I Lead - volunteerism, community service, service-learning



  • ParentMe - child development, discipline, co-parenting skills