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Youth Achieving Moral Maturity

YAMM is a youth development nonprofit offering youth programs and community service opportunities for parents and youth, serving the Winston-Salem, NC area.


YAMM goal is to help underserved children create and maintain financial control. Through education and human services, YAMM promises to advance youth and parents by addressing how to beat poverty, learning better health and wellness ways of living, entrepreneurship and how to decrease hunger.

YAMM also teaches youth how to use sign language to interact with hearing-impaired persons.


 YAMM made it their purpose to make sure parents are aware of their volunteer and involvement rights at their child’s school and in their community.

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GTE is a great supporter of YAMM.

We believe in its mission and values in assisting underserved youth and families. Help us support their mission by making a donation today.


Give Today to YAMM

YAMM youth services and programs include:

  • PreneurMe - entrepreneurship, money management, overcoming poverty

  • Model ART - skill streaming, anger management, moral reasoning



  • Ellis Effect - boy etiquette, home economics, career, leadership


  • I Lead - volunteering, community service, service-learning



  • ParentMe - parent and child development, discipline techniques, parenting skills

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